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Awesome questions

We have base of thousends awesome and interesting questions, that waiting for you. Almost all questions are created by our players. When you answer on question, you'll be able to see how other people answered.



You are absolutely anonymous in game! Answers on questions are saved only on your phone, only in database, that can be readed only by game. The same with questions added by you. That means noone will know which questions you answered on and how!

Be part of the game


Add your own questions

Add your own questions into the game! After they have been approved, you'll be able to see, how other players answered on these questions! Some of questions are already in game, so check similar questions carefully :)


Rate it

Don't forget to rate it on Google Play! We really appreciate every rate, we try to answer on all of them, so please, give us a nice feedback, suggestions etc.!

Other features



Stay up to date with your favorite questions!



If you don't want to answer on question or you just don't like it, you can always skip it!



Read a funny joke, when new questions are downloading! Never wait bored for new questions!



Share funny questions with your friends! Don't keep fun just for yourself :)



We prepared for you awesome tutorial and help dialogs in game. Also feel free to email us!

What people say?

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"Amazing game!!!!! It is really fun and it is good when you get bored so then you can just go on to this game. Plus you can add your own questions as well. I'm going to play on it right now so bye."

- Sophie Carter

"Great game This game is so fun and addictive! It is interesting to see what other people said and it is great how a) you can add your own questions and b) you can skip questions you don't want to answer. You shold definitely install this. Thank you ESdroid!"

- Sasha Robinson

"I never get bored of it and you can add your own questions did not know that there's lots of questions it was kind of hard games won and I still haven't but it's great download it if I was you It will ask you questions like do you like soccer do you hate Justin Bieber just stuff like that and there's so many I don't think this is ever going to get old"

- Melissa Anderson

"The best game ever I have finally stalled an addictive game on my phone and now I just can't stop playing"

- Alyssa Stewart

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